Geomechanics and Hydrology


DesignTec uses state-of-art approaches with solid background in civil and geotechnical engineering and deep knowledge of numerical modeling and analysis techniques to provide broad scope of geomechanics consulting services ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Geomechanical problems involving rock/soil mechanics, rock/soil-structure interaction, slope stability and advanced constitutive material modeling form the basis of DesignTec's work in an extensive range of projects such as hydroelectric power plants, foundation design, excavation, dams and retaining structures.

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Groundwater Flow and Coupled Rock/Soil-Hydro-Thermal Effects

DesignTec provides our customers superior groundwater modeling services, including groundwater flow through porous/fractured media, unsaturated flow and contaminant transport. We have experience and expertise for the development of advanced numerical groundwater models for a wide range of project related to engineering hydrology, geotechnics, mining and environmental engineering.
Our consulting services also cover modeling of coupled problems: heat transport and subsurface flow (thermo-hydraulic coupling), mechanical interaction between groundwater and porous/fractured geologic media (hydraulic-mechanical coupling) or the combination – thermo-hydraulic- -mechanical coupling. These advanced simulation techniques can be used to study variety of geologic processes related to consolidation problems, geothermal energy, CO2 storage and design of radioactive waste disposals.

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