Industry Equipment and Machinery

Stress Analysis

Stress analysis of rail fastening system

Designtec offers high quality FEA structural and stress analysis consulting services focusing on nonlinear static analysis, buckling analysis and coupled structural-thermal analysis. For modeling of complex engineering problems we build detailed and accurate 3D FE-Models of parts or assemblies. We combine this FEA knowledge and modeling skills with our long standing expertise in fatigue analysis, failure analysis and fitness-for-service assessment to provide our clients with a unique perspective for reliable and cost effective development of their product.

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Vibration analysis

Modal analysis of crankshaft

Many industrial facilities experience severe vibration problems as well as safety, environmental, integrity, and reliability challenges. Most of these vibration problems are caused by mechanical or flow related excitations.
Through a deep understanding of structural behaviour subjected to dynamic loading, it is possible to obtain improvements into the operating efficiency of a product, and to reduce probability of failures, shutdowns and minimize maintenance costs. Vibration analysis and FEA technique can be effectively used to evaluate the dynamic characteristics of machines and structures prior to fabrication or for troubleshooting of installed systems.

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