ANSYS Customization

Customized solutions represent up to 80% value added in CAE-Consulting

For our customers we develop tools and extensions for automation and customization of CAE processes within ANSYS products, typically starting up with the preparation of input data, followed by the computational model set up ending up with the results post-processing and output data analysis.

Utilizing ANSYS ACT (ANSYS Simulation Customization Toolkit) we are able to deliver a solution in case when your industry-specific demands are exceeding the ANSYS general capabilities. With the use of ACT we are able to extend the current ANSYS products by creating of ACT extensions for your business-specific tasks and processes. ACT extensions can be distributed among your colleagues or customers and used within ANSYS products (Workbench, AIM, Mechanical, Fluent, SpaceClaim and DesignExplorer).

The ACT extensions provide the user with customized user interface elements which can be used for automation of repetitive task, integration of third-party software and data, creation of customized simulation workflows or can extend the functionality of the ANSYS products. For advanced customization demands we offer the customization of the ANSYS Mechanical solver (user-defined material models and user-defined elements) using ANSYS User-Programmable Features (UPFs) and customization of ANSYS Fluent using User-Defined Functions (UDFs) as well.

Extend the functionality of your simulation

Extending ANSYS functionality using ACT

Extend and fortify current ANSYS products with new features and routines (integration of legacy APDL macros, user-defined boundary conditions and loads, customized post-processing, material models, ...)


Automate your CAE processes

Example of toolbar integrated into ANSYS Mechanical

Press down simulation process effort through the routine automation based on scripts or tools integrated into ANSYS products (automation of company specific workflows, load and boundary definitions, analysis settings, automatized generation of results)


Integrate third-party applications and data

Third-party software integrated as custom analysis system

Integrate third party applications and data into the native ANSYS environment (integration of in-house or third-party solvers, databases, user-defined import/export ...)


Create customized simulation workflows

Simulation workflow in ANSYS Workbench

Create customized workflows to your special CAE simulation processes (automated data handling and exchange, tools for design exploration and optimization)


Development of ACT Extensions

ACT extension - developemnt process

Create your business-specific ACT extensions which can be distributed among your colleagues or customers and used within ANSYS products


Customization of Mechanical APDL solver

Mohr-Coulomb material modell

Customize and extend the features of Mechanical APDL Solver using ANSYS User Programmable Features (user-defined material models, elements, contact interfacial behaviours or failure criteria)