• Software for finite element based fatigue analysis
    • DESIGNTEC as partner of MAGNA POWERTRAIN promote FEMFAT in Czechia and Slowakia

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  • ANSYS Extension: FEMFAT inside ANSYS
    • Seamless integration of FEMFAT into simulation environment of ANSYS
    • ANSYS ACT Extension developed for our customer Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG.

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  • Stress Analysis and Fatigue Live Prediction of a Disc Brake System
    • Nonlinear contact problem
    • Low and high cycle fatigue
    • Optimization


DESIGNTEC s.r.o. is a Czech innovative engineering company that offers wide range of consulting services based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Our knowledge of numerical simulations and CAE consulting provides our customers with better insight into their engineering problems and furthermore improves reliability and reduces costs of their products or structures. Our company offers CAE consulting services for a variety of industrial applications, including machinery, power and energy, automotive, industrial equipment, civil engineering and other hi-tech sectors.

DESIGNTEC is partner of MAGNA POWERTRAIN – ENGINEERING CENTER STEYR GmbH & Co KG promoting FEMFAT software in Czechia and Slovakia.

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Founded Revenues Multilingual communication CAE und FEA Projects

Structural (stress analysis, statics, dynamics, stability)
Thermal (steady-state, transient)
Coupled field analysis

Assessment of fatigue live and durability of structure based on FEA results. more

Combination of finite element method applications and optimization techniques for your costs savings and product performance improvement.

  • Customer-specific know-how and expertize integration
  • Tools for process automation
  • Advanced User-Material Models
Free ACT Extensions developed by DESIGNTEC for our customers or for internal needs.more
FEMFAT is the leading software for finite element based fatigue analysis. It helps to increase the reliability and robustness of structures and its components in the automotive industry as well as in machinery and plant construction.more

Forms of Cooperation


Project-Based consulting

  • Project scope defined in advance
  • Complete technical solution
  • 100% Fulfillment of your assignment
  • Pilot Projects

On-Site Consulting

  • Temporary support during peak periods
  • Delivering of qualified human resources
  • Support and know-how for your special projects


  • Our services under your brand
  • Flexible work-load management
  • You can focus on your core competencies while we manage your FEA services