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CAE consulting

The combination of our know-how and the best SW tools and methods will help increase the competitiveness of your products

  • FEA Consulting services

    FEA Consulting services

    At DESIGNTEC we provide a variety of solutions to simulate complex engineering problems applied in the design, assessment and optimization of a product or structure in mechanical and civil engineering, energetic, as well as geomechanic.
  • Fatigue Assessment

    Fatigue Assessment

    DESIGNTEC helps you to predict and asses fatigue damage of your structures or products in accordance with applicable norms and industrial standards
  • Virtual Product Development & Optimization

    Virtual Product Development & Optimization

    Combination of finite element method applications and optimization techniques for your costs savings and product performance improvement.

ANSYS Customization & Automation

Combine all available technologies to achieve compression of your CAE processes while performing advanced simulations

  • ANSYS ACT Apps Development

    ANSYS ACT Apps Development

    The ACT extensions provide the user with customized user interface elements which can be used for automation of repetitive tasks, integration of third-party software, or extension of functionality of the ANSYS products.


    Customize and extend the features of Mechanical APDL Solver Development of ANSYS Routines in Fortran or C++.
  • Development of APDL scripts and macros

    Development of APDL scripts and macros

    Interconnect available State-of-the-art technologies in order to emphasize your CAE processes while performing advanced simulations.

Our Solutions

DESIGNTEC provides several software tools developed in-house with partner or we offer solutions from our partner. You can use to speed up your CAE processes. Check our offer below.

Highlight Topics

We deliver unique specialized services for Automation of CAE-Processes, Digital Twins, Development of Material Modells, Nonlinear simulations of reinforces concrete, Design and dynamic analysis of machine foundations and Mathematical modelling in Geotechnics & Hydrogeology.

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