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Your way towards simulations

DESIGNTEC is a Czech private limited company founded in 2009 that offers wide range of engineering services based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Our professional experience and knowledge of numerical simulations and CAE consulting enable customers to better understand their engineering problems, improve product performance and reduce production costs. Our company provides CAE consulting services for a variety of industries, including machinery, power and energy, automotive, industrial equipment, civil engineering and other hi-tech sectors.

Our Experience and Skills

At DESIGNTEC, our team of engineers and consultants have 10+ years of practical FEA experience, with solid background in mechanical, structural and civil engineering disciplines and an unparalleled knowledge of structural mechanics. Our team members have long-term experience with world-class FEA software packages ANSYS, LS-DYNA or FEMFAT, that are extended with in-house custom tools (ACT extensions) to improve work efficiency.  Our engineers have successfully completed or participated on 100+ CAE projects. We are able to deliver the assignment outcomes in German and English language.

Our Vision

The company is run by 2 co-founders who are actively involved in the assignment processing and supervising the accomplishment of tasks as well as customers’ satisfaction. We prioritize flexibility, effectiveness and quality altogether being offered for a price competitive on European markets. Our services are broad enough in the types of cooperation (project-based consulting, on-site consulting, outsourcing) to cover the most frequent clients’ needs and requirements. We put emphasis on communication with our customers, being the key to effective solving of industrial and technological issues and successful achievement of necessary objectives.
Throughout the company’s history, DESIGNTEC has established itself on the Czech and particularly on the German market (80% of revenues). We are keen to apply our long-time experience with projects for German clients further in Germany and on European markets and we intend to broaden our services while maintaining the highest quality and competitiveness.