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Our Approach

At DESIGNTEC we realize that for our work to be efficient, cost effective and within the performance criteria, our clients’ experience with the specific problem must be reflected and taken into account. Hence the intensive communication and close cooperation is the key to successful accomplishment of the project.

We conduct FE-analyses, feasibility studies and expertise and submit highly professional technical reports including solution assumptions, methods, conclusions and findings. We deliver our CAE-Services and present our findings in German, English and Czech language.

Our engineers work with industry-leading engineering simulation software ANSYS and LS-DYNA extended with in-house custom FEA tools to enhance the effectiveness of CAE-Processes.

  • FEA Consulting services

    FEA Consulting services

    At DESIGNTEC we provide a variety of solutions to simulate complex engineering problems applied in the design, assessment and optimization of a product or structure in mechanical and civil engineering, energetic, as well as geomechanic.

  • Fatigue Assessment

    Fatigue Assessment

    DESIGNTEC helps you to predict and asses fatigue damage of your structures or products in accordance with applicable norms and industrial standards

  • Virtual Product Development & Optimization

    Virtual Product Development & Optimization

    Combination of finite element method applications and optimization techniques for your costs savings and product performance improvement.