Analysis and Design of Machine Foundation

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Machine foundation results

Analysis and Design of Machine Foundation

Analysis: FEA, ANSYS, Dynamic Analysis (Modal+Harmonic), Vibration Control and Isolation

Objective: Within the scope of chemical plant modernization, concrete block foundation below the radial fan was designed. For the purposes of finite element simulation the computational model of the foundation was created. Model considered subsoil conditions, building foundations, vibration absorbing elements, foundation block and simplified model of the radial fan. The task objective was to determine the dynamic properties of the machine-foundation-subsoil system and modify the structural design including damping elements based on the simulation results so that the serviceability requirements are met. Therefore the modal and subsequent harmonic analyses were performed and evaluated. Static and dynamic structural design was supplied including working drawings.

ref07_Ventilator_H180 ref07_Model_H180 ref07_Eigen_Mode_H180 ref07_Velocity-Z_H180