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There is a new version of our free ANSYS ACT App Figures Manager 3.1 available. Perfect tool which helps you to automatize the process of figures export with the graphical style convenient for your technical report.

ANSYS ACT App Figures Manager 3.1

What’s new

The new version of ACT App Figures Manager 3.1 brings new features for user convenience – sorting and filtering for better selection of rows in table, speed-up improvements, support of the latest ANSYS version and more minor improvements and bug fixes.

New feature: Sorting

You can now sort rows in tables by the column with the focused cell by ascending or descending order. If there is no focused cell, rows are sorted according figure names.

New feature: RegEx Filtering

We added RegEx (Regular Expression) filtering so that you can easily modify properties only for those rows containing Figure Names matching your expression.

Hint: Not familiar with RegEx? In the following table are four most common examples using two special symbols: ‘^’ and ‘$’. These symbols indicate the start and the end of a string, respectively:

“^abc”matches any string that starts with “abc”.
“abc$”matches a string that ends in with “abc”.
“^abc$”a string that starts and ends with “abc” – effectively an exact match comparison.
“abc”a string that has the text “abc” in it.

Other improvements

  • ANSYS 2024 R1 is now supported.
  • Speed of loading figures properties was significantly improved.
  • Speed of exporting figures was significantly improved.
  • Option ‘Use current graphic’ was introduced (see figure below). Provides significantly faster export than with custom resolution.
  • Option to hide ‘ANSYS logo’ was added (see figure below).
  • Dark mode is partially supported.

Download and further information

For download and further information about this App please visit ANSYS ACT Extension: Figures Manager, or visits ANSYS App store.

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