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The extension allows efficient change of graphical preferences of multiple result Figures from the Mechanical Outline tree. The properties of Figures (like Figure name, View, Deformed scale, Min/max symbols, Legend etc.) for each Figure are displayed in a synoptic table and can be changed all at once by multiple row selection. The extension can be used for preparing sets of Figures with the same graphical style and properties for reporting purposes.

Demonstration video


The ACT binary extension Figures Manager can be downloaded and used for your own purposes.

Fine name Version ANSYS compatible versions
Figures_Manager-1.1.wbex 1.1 2019 R2, 2019 R3
Figures_Manager-1.2.wbex 1.2 2019 R2, 2019 R3, 2020 R1
Target application: Mechanical
Target Analysis Types: All

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The extension functionality is accessible using the Figures Manager toolbar, see Figure 1. The toolbar contains three buttons:

  • Figures Manager table
  • Settings
  • About

Figures Manager toolbar

Figure 1: Figures Manager toolbar (ANSYS 2019 R2)

The Figures Manager button displays a list of all result Figures and its properties in the synoptic table, see Figure 2. The figure properties are organized in the table columns. Change of a property for more Figures can be easily performed by using multiple rows selection.

The following Figure properties are displayed:

  • Figure Name
  • Analysis [read-only]
  • Load Step [read-only]
  • Substep [read-only]
  • Time/Frequency [read-only]
  • Result Name [read-only]
  • Result Type [read-only]
  • View
  • Deformed Scale
  • Display Type
  • Contour Type
  • Edge Display
  • Max Symbol
  • Min Symbol
  • Legend

Figures Manager table

Figure 2: Figures Manager table

The Outline tree and figures which corresponds to the listed figures in the Figures Manager table in Figure 2 are shown in Figure 3.

Figures in Outline tree

Figure 3: Figures in Outline tree

The Settings button displays a window with various settings, see Figure 4. The following settings are available:

  • Use only predefined views – If it is checked only the predefined views (using the standard ANSYS Mechanical tool Manage Views) will be available in the View column of the Figures Manager table. If the figure hasn’t got any predefined view “Do not change” option will be available which assures that the figure view will not be changed. If it is not checked all figure views will be available. It is checked by default.
  • Use only predefined legends – If it is checked only the predefined legends (using the Named Legends) will be available together with “Default” legend and “Do not change” option which assures that the legend will not be changed. If it is not checked all legends will be available. It is checked by default.

Figures Manager – Settings window

Figure 4: Figures Manager – Settings window

The About button displays a window in which the hyperlinks to the website of the developers company and this help are available.

Restrictions and Limitations

  • None