APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) was formerly the only scripting language used with ANSYS and is still the primary language used in Mechanical application to create input-decks for ANSYS MAPDL solver.

As ADPL and the ANSYS MAPDL environment (also known as ANSYS Classic) are based on different technology than ANSYS Mechanical products from Workbench/AIM platforms, offers in some cases very interesting and effective way of automation and customization of the CAE processes, for example:

  • Access to the FE-model and its modification on nodes and element level
  • Custom and automated post-processing and result evaluation
  • Manipulation with ANSYS results files and other binary data (access to matrices, databases)
  • Support of commands and features which were not jet integrated into ANSYS Mechanical
  • Creating specialized workflows or system couplings

Combining all of available technologies will allow you to achieve compression of your CAE processes while performing more-advanced simulations.

Our services

Based on our long time experiece with APDL and ANSYS MAPDL environment we offer:

  • Integration of APDL code into ANSYS Mechanical application using Command Blocks
  • Seamless integration of your legacy APDL scripts into ACT Python scripts and ACT extensions,
  • support with using parametric models and customized analyses in ANSYS MAPDL