Combine all available technologies to achieve compression of your CAE processes while performing advanced simulations.

Development APDL scripts and macros

APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) was formerly the only scripting language used with ANSYS and is still the primary language used in Mechanical application to create input-decks for ANSYS MAPDL solver.

As ADPL and the ANSYS MAPDL environment (also known as ANSYS Classic) are based on different technology than ANSYS Mechanical products from Workbench/AIM platforms, offers in some cases very interesting and effective way of automation and customization the CAE simulation processes and tasks.

Typical applications

ADPL is used commonly for automation and set up of advanced models and simulations:

  • Access to the FE-model and its modification on nodes and element level
  • Custom and automated post-processing and result evaluation
  • Manipulation with ANSYS results files and other binary data (access to matrices, databases)
  • Support of commands and features which were not jet integrated into ANSYS Mechanical

Our services

Based on our long time experiece with APDL and ANSYS MAPDL environment we offer:

  • Integration of APDL code into ANSYS Mechanical application using Command Blocks
  • Seamless integration of your legacy APDL scripts into ACT Python scripts and ACT extensions,
  • support with using parametric models and customized analyses in ANSYS MAPDL