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Software development

We are able to develop software in accordance with established and proven procedures such as so-called Unified Process and its variations. You can order software development from start to finish or choose only the services you require.


Our analysts collect and define functional, non-functional and domain requirements for your software based on the use case analysis.

Analysis and design

Our architects create object-oriented analysis and design with use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) and appropriate Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools. Our designers create UX/UI design at required level of detail.


Our programmers transform created design into the executable code. They are experienced with various programming languages, frameworks, libraries, IDEs, version control systems and other tools.


Our testers perform software tests at various levels (Unit tests, Integration tests and System tests) in order to keep code maintainable and without errors.


We can provide you the final software or our experts can deploy it to your environment.


We offer you a support depending on your needs. We can maintain the software, provide you some upgrades or improvements or other support required from your side.

Technologies we are proficient with

Apart form service related to ANSYS Customization & Automation we are able to develop any other software solution according to your needs. We are able to develop web, desktop or mobile applications for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. Below is a list of examples of programming languages and technologies that our experts are proficient in.

Programming languages

Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Java, C/C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Kotlin, Ruby, R, Swift, Go, SQL, GLSL, GLSL ES, HLSL

Frameworks, libraries and APIs

.NET Framework, .NET Core, Jakarta EE, Spring Framework, React, Vue, Angular, Flask, Django, Scipy, Numpy, Pandas, PyNastran, PyAnsys, TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, OpenGL, WebGL, DirectX, OpenCV

Fields of computer science we are expertise in

We have expertise in the following areas of computer science.

Scientific computing

Scientific computing is our main area expertise, especially in the following physics fields: solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, rigid body mechanics, thermodynamics.

Software engineering

In the field of Software engineering we have gained a lot of experience, especially with development of software for technical applications.

Artificial inteligence

Our experts have deep knowledge in artificial intelligence field, especially machine learning and computer vision. We have used AI in various projects.

Computer graphics

We have practical experience in the following fields of computer graphics: 3D modeling, 3D rendering, computer vision, virtual reality, augmented reality.


Our experts work with databases on daily basis. They have experience with various SQL and NoSQL databases. They are able to provide you a database solution from start to end.

CAE / FEA / CAD oriented development

We successfully combine our software development skills with our knowledge from CEA&FEA consulting. Our experience with automation customization of CAD and FEA software tools such as ANSYS, NASTRAN, COMSOL, FEMFAT, Rhino3D, Grashopper, Dlubal RFEM or optiSLang allows us to deliver you a customized solution, which integrate or communicate with your favorite FEA or CAD tools.

We can present the digital twin of the dam as a reference project which require combination of software development and CEA&FEA consulting knowledge. The digital twin consists of the following parts:

  • the numerical model of the dam based on the finite element method,
  • software platform which
    • automatically receives data from the sensors using the web service implemented in Python,
    • stores data digital twin data in the database (MariaDB),
    • automaticaly updates the numerical model (ANSYS solver controlled via PyMAPDL)
    • provides digital twin data to the user via web application (Python on backend, React on frontend).

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