As part of our ANSYS customization services we develop for our customers or for internal needs ACT Extension listed below. The extensions listed below you can download and use them for your own purposes.

ACT Extension: Energy plots

The extension allows to evaluate the time history of the energies like stiffness energy, kinetic energy, damping energy, work done by external load, artificial energy due to hourglass control/drill stiffness or due to contact stabilization damping, artificial energy due to nonlinear stabilization.


ACT Extension: Figures Manager

The extension allows efficient change of graphical preferences of multiple result Figures from the Mechanical Outline tree. The properties of Figures (like Figure name, View, Deformed scale, Min/max symbols, Legend etc.) for each Figure are displayed in a synoptic table and can be changed all at once by multiple row selection. The extension can be used for preparing sets of Figures with the same graphical style and properties for reporting purposes.