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Why FE-Analysis?

FE Analysis and numerical simulations form an integral part of the product and structure development process in various industries. Benefits of Finite Element Analysis:

  • prove and assess structural integrity, fatigue live and durability prior to manufacturing,
  • extend the knowledge of structure response in real conditions,
  • minimize cost of materials and maximize product performance (virtual product development),
  • reduce product design time and time-to-market,
  • reduce expensive physical prototype manufacturing and testing.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as applied in engineering on a wide spectrum of complex engineering problems is a tool used for the evaluation of structures and systems, providing an accurate prediction of a component’s response subjected to a load condition and proof of reliability as well as durability of the product or structure.

The application of modern FEM simulations tremendously helps in minimizing your costs, improving the product or structure and hence in maintaining and improving your competitiveness.

Industries Served

DesignTec employs a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and FEA-consultants to accurately perform specialized CAE-consulting services. Bonding together our deep experience in the field of FEA with high performance software background we deliver proven strategies and advanced solutions in order to deal with current and future industry challenges.
DesignTec possesses deep knowledge and wide range of expertise across computational simulations for structural design and assessment including stress analysis, fitness-for-service, failure analysis, fatigue, vibration analysis, structural dynamics and heat transfer.


Our consulting services are performed especially in following industries:

Industry Equipment and Machinery

  • Static and dynamic FE calculations
  • Calculation of fatigue strength (low and high cycle fatigue analysis, fatigue analysis of weld seams and spot-welds)
  • Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis of thin-walled structures, post buckling analysis
  • Thermally induced stresses
  • Model Calibration and Inverse Parameter Identification
  • Seismic design of equipment and machinery systems


  • Multi-objective optimization of structural parts based on FE-analysis
  • Stiffness and strength optimization of lightweight structures
  • Modelling of composites
  • Prediction of failure and fatigue life

Structural and Civil Engineering

  • Ultimate and serviceability state design for steel and reinforced concrete structures based on FE-Analysis, simulation of experimental tests
  • Virtual product development and optimization of structures and their components
  • Nonlinear behavior of reinforced and fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Structures subjected to wind load (cable-supported structures, membrane roofs, towers and masts, multi-storey buildings)
  • Bridges subjected to traffic load, pedestrian actions on footbridges
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Machine foundation analysis and design
  • Designing vibration-sensitive facilities (vibration isolation)

Geomechanics and Hydrology

  • Stability of rock/soil slopes (limit equilibrium methods, continuum and discontinuum numerical methods)
  • Stability of dams and embankments, effective stresses and seepage forces resulting from groundwater flow through embankments, gravity dams and their subgrade
  • Transient unsaturated groundwater flow through porous/fractured media
  • Contaminant and pollutant transport
  • Advanced simulation techniques for modeling of coupled problems: heat transport and subsurface flow (thermo-hydraulic coupling), mechanical interaction between groundwater and porous/fractured geologic media (hydraulic-mechanical coupling) or the combination – thermo-hydraulic-mechanical coupling.

The comprehensive overview of our services for particular industries is available in PDF.

Our Approach

At DesignTec we realize that for our work to be efficient, cost effective and within the performance criteria, our clients’ experience with the specific problem must be reflected and taken into account. Hence the intensive communication and close cooperation is the key to successful accomplishment of the project.

We conduct FE-analyses, feasibility studies and expertise and submit highly professional technical reports including solution assumptions, methods, conclusions and findings. We deliver our CAE-Services and present our findings in German, English and Czech language.

Our engineers work with industry-leading engineering simulation software ANSYS and LS-DYNA extended with in-house custom FEA tools to enhance the effectiveness of CAE-Processes.