Case Studies

During its existence DesignTec has been a contractor or subcontractor for quantity of projects from various industries where FE simulations have been required. The following references represent only a minor enumeration of the projects processed by DesignTec. In case of your interest we are open to present our further reference projects that are similar/close to your potential assignment.


ANSYS ACT Extension: FEMFAT inside ANSYS

FEMFAT integration into ANSYS

The ACT Extension FEMFAT for ANSYS was developed by DESIGNTEC for our customer Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG, the developer of FEMFAT software.


User-defined material model for steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC)

User defined steel-fibre reinforced concrete material model

A new user-defined material model based on Drucker-Prager yield criterion with trilinear softening has been developed for modelling of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) exposed to high temperatures.


Static Analysis of a Service Pit for Rail Vehicles

Service pit - Buckling analysis results

Analysis: FEA, Static Analyis, Linear Buckling, ANSYS

Objective: For a load bearing capacity and serviceability assessment a detail static analysis of a service pit for rail vehicles was performed.


Stress Analysis and Fatigue Live Prediction of a Disc Brake System

Numerical model of disc brake

Analysis: FEA, Stress Analysis, Low Cycle and High Cycle Fatigue, Contact Analysis, ANSYS

Objective: Within the scope of an innovative vehicle brake system development of a non-linear static contact analysis of a brake assembly (250+ parts) was performed. Based on the assessment of the low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue few design changes were adopted, which eliminated potential problems limiting the fatigue design life before the manufacture of the prototype and its testing.


Dynamic Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Chamber for Testing of High Explosives

Reinforced concrete chamber - modal analysis results

Analysis: FEA, Dynamic Analysis, Blast, Reinforced Concrete, Fatigue Life Prediction, Cyclic Load, ANSYS

Objective: The principal objective of the dynamic analysis was to predict a design life of a concrete chamber for testing of explosives. The testing chamber will be used for research and testing of new explosive materials.


Static Analysis of Railway Bridge OSKAR during Construction and Parametric Study on Uncertain Model Parameters

Bridge OSKAR

Analysis: FEA, Static Analysis, Construction Phases, Pre-tensioning, Large Displacements, ANSYS

Objective: The primary objective of the presented project was to determine the static response of the Railway Bridge OSKAR steel structure during the construction phases.


Analysis and Design of Machine Foundation

Machine foundation results

Analysis: FEA, ANSYS, Dynamic Analysis (Modal+Harmonic), Vibration Control and Isolation

Objective: Within the scope of chemical plant modernization, concrete block foundation below the radial fan was designed.



Stress Analysis of Rail Fastening System

Rail fastening results

Analysis: FEA, ANSYS, Nonlinear Contact, Bolt Pretension, Fatigue Failure

Objective: Structural analysis of rail fastening was carried out to determine stress distribution over the construction especially over the pretensioned bolts.