ACT Development

ACT extensions business-specific tasks and processes

DESIGNTEC can help you to create ACT extensions business-specific tasks and processes which can be distributed among your colleagues or customers and used within ANSYS products (Workbench, AIM, Mechanical, Fluent, SpaceClaim and DesignExplorer).

The ACT extensions provide the user with customized user interface elements which can be used for automation of repetitive task, integration of third-party software and data, creation of customized simulation workflows or extension of functionality of the ANSYS products.

ACT extensions and apps are based on XML, IronPython and C# programming languages using frameworks and APIs of ANSYS products to meet your customization objectives. ACT provides predefined graphical interface elements with all necessary callbacks. This allows us to develop for you the ACT extension in a very short time. For development of advanced tasks and complex applications the advantage of .NET integration and support provided by IronPython and C# is considered.

The development process of an ACT extension typically consists of following steps:

  1. The developer customizes the ANSYS product by adding new GUI objects and defines their functionality via predefined callbacks
  2. The Binary ACT extension (.WBEX) can be compiled to binary extension
  3. The compiled extension can be distributed to the ANSYS users
  4. The user can install binary ACT extension in ANSYS products supporting ACT


Extend the functionality of your simulation

Extend and fortify current ANSYS products with new features and routines (integration of legacy APDL macros, user-defined boundary conditions and loads, customized post-processing, material models, ...)


Automate your CAE processes

Press down simulation process effort through the routine automation based on scripts or tools integrated into ANSYS products (automation of company specific workflows, load and boundary definitions, analysis settings, automatized generation of results)


Integrate third-party applications and data

Integrate third party applications and data into the native ANSYS environment (integration of in-house or third-party solvers, databases, user-defined import/export ...)


Create customized simulation workflows

Create customized workflows to your special CAE simulation processes (automated data handling and exchange, tools for design exploration and optimization)