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Proč by jste měli používat ANSYS ACT aplikace a rozšíření?

Vývojové služby ANSYS ACT, které nabízí DESIGNTEC, poskytují uživateli aplikace a rozšíření ACT, které lze použít pro vaše specifické úkoly a procesy v rámci produktů ANSYS.

Jak fungují ACT rozšíření pro ANSYS

Development of ANSYS ACT extensions and apps is based mainly on XML, IronPython and C# programming languages using frameworks and APIs of ANSYS products to meet your customization objectives. ACT provides predefined graphical interface elements with all necessary callbacks. This allows us to develop for you the ACT extension in a very short time. For development of advanced tasks and complex applications the advantage of .NET integration and support provided by IronPython and C# is considered.

The development process of an ACT extension typically consists of following steps:

  1. The developer customizes the ANSYS product by adding new GUI objects and defines their functionality via predefined callbacks
  2. The Binary ACT extension (.WBEX) is compiled to binary extension
  3. The compiled extension is later on distributed to the ANSYS users
  4. Finally, the user can install binary ACT extension in ANSYS products supporting ACT

Press down simulation process effort through the routine automation

ANSYS ACT Extensions - automate CAE processes

Together with the escalation of the simulation capabilities and competencies the simulation workflows complexity rises rapidly. Complexity is limiting the simulation usability considering the fact of expertise, skill and know-how demands which leads to lowering the overall efficiency of engineering process. DESIGNTEC offers you the development of scripts or extensions based on ACT (ANSYS Simulation Customization Toolkit) which automate your repetitive tasks, reduce the simulation complexity and satisfy process usability and intelligibility requirements.

Automation can be based either on scripts or new user interface elements (ACT objects) like toolbars, custom objects in tree outline or wizards which can be integrated in SpaceClaim, Mechanical, Workbench or AIM environments to execute custom actions.


  • Automation of company specific processes (workflows, load and boundary definitions, analysis settings, …)
  • Transfer of the loads or boundary conditions from third-party tools
  • Definition of non-homogeneous material distribution on analysed parts
  • Automated generation of results (figures, charts, tables) and report generation

Integrate third party applications and data into the native ANSYS environment

ANSYS ACT Extension - Integrate third-pary applications

DESIGNTEC can help you to integrate your in-house or commercial software engineering products into ANSYS products in order to develop new simulation workflows customized for your bussines-specific CAE Simulations. Using ACT we can embed your custom solvers into ANSYS Mechanical, add new analysis systems representing your applications into Workbench simulation workflows or extend the optimization methods within DesignExplorer.


  • Integration of in-house or third-party solvers and optimization methods
  • User-defined import/export
  • Integration of other software solutions
  • Other company-specific expertise, know-how, processes

Create customized workflows to your special CAE simulation processes

ANSYS ACT Extension - customized workflows

CAE simulation is process consisting of sequentially ordered particular steps typically starting up with the preparation of input data, followed by the computational model set up ending up with the results postprocessing and output data analysis. DESIGNTEC helps you to implement and automate your custom simulation scenarios. Using ACT such processes can be integrated in ANSYS Workbench or ANSYS AIM environments.

ACT defines each simulation step as a task. These tasks form task groups according to their system function within the simulation process. Task groups represent different steps of the simulation procedure as well as diverse actions to be performed define the full simulation scenario on the background platform of ANSYS Workbench or ANSYS AIM.


  • script-based automation of workflows for CAE simulations
  • automated data handling and exchange
  • connection of external software for design exploration and optimization

Extend and fortify current ANSYS products with new features and routines

ANSYS ACT Extensions - extend functionality

ACT (ANSYS Simulation Customization Toolkit) is able to deliver a solution in case when your industry-specific demands are exceeding the ANSYS general capabilities. With the use of ACT we are able to extend the current ANSYS products by creating of ACT extensions, which add new customer and task specific functionalities such as custom loads, boundary conditions and integration of your legacy APDL scripts or custom results based on your own assessment. The major advantage of such implemented features and tools is the fact that these operate as native features of ANSYS products.


  • Mechanical
    • seamless integration of your legacy APDL scripts into ANSYS Mechanical
    • user-created custom loads and boundary conditions, pre- and pots-processing routines and custom results based on your own assessment or evaluation criteria
    • integration of wizards, which allow non-expert users to walk through a step-by-step simulation and increase productivity by reducing the time taken to perform repetitive tasks
    • new user interface elements for process automation and custom features
  • Fluent
    • customization of boundary conditions, source terms, reaction rates, material properties, etc.
    • automatization of simulation processes
    • advanced FLUENT User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • DesignModeler and SpaceClaim
    • definition of new user interface elements to execute custom actions
    • wizards for guidance through the steps of CAD model creation and reduction of repetitive tasks
  • AIM
    • custom pre- and pots-processing routines and custom results based on your own assessment or evaluation criteria
    • define new user interface elements to execute custom actions
  • Workbench

Už vás nebaví rutinní činnosti?

Ukážeme vám, jak vám aplikace a skripty ANSYS ACT pomohou pracovat efektivněji.

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