ANSYS Customization

Customized solutions represent up to 80% value added in CAE-Consulting

Software Development as a Service

For our customers we develop software tools and extensions for automation and customization of CAE processes within ANSYS products, typically starting up with the preparation of input data, followed by the computational model set up ending up with the results post-processing and output data analysis.

Utilizing ANSYS ACT (ANSYS Simulation Customization Toolkit) we deliver a solution in case when your industry-specific demands are exceeding the ANSYS general capabilities. With the use of ACT, we help you to extend the current ANSYS products by creating of ACT extensions for your business-specific tasks and processes.

For an advanced customization demands we offer automation and customization of the the ANSYS Mechanical solver based on scripting in APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) and development of custom material models, user-defined finite elements and routines for ANSYS Mechanical solver using ANSYS User-Programmable Features (UPFs) as well.

Are you interested in automation of your routine workflows or customization of specialized processes?

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Solutions delivered

  • For our customer MAGNA POWERTRAIN – ENGINEERING CENTER STEYR GmbH & Co KG we developed ANSYS ACT extension FEMFAT inside ANSYS, which seamlessly integrates FEMFAT software for FEA based fatigue analysis in ANSYS environment.
  • We developed custom material model for steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) using ANSYS UPFs.
  • ANSYS APDL scripting we use in most of all project with ANSYS. In ANSYS Mechanical we use very often APDL Command for automation on the solver level, in ANSYS MAPDL (formerly known as ANSYS Classic) we use APDL for vector or matrix operations, modifications of mesh on element level, mapping of custom results, etc.